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010 - dear texas

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

Dear Texas, you were so good to us.

At times, you gave us icy cold nights, where two blankets just weren't enough.

But others you decided to warm our skin with your bright rays of warm southern sun.

You showed us your most artsy, modern, and weird side by letting us explore your capitol for a day. And even though hundreds of other people joined us on that day in Austin, they unfortunately weren't there for you. Their loss, though I am sure the SXSW Festival didn't disappoint either. We wished we could have stayed in your state park, but we have to say, Walmart did the job just right. The twelve other RV's, Sprinters, and buses were a confirmation at the very least. Your outdoor gallery was interesting, though most of the art there was not created by artists I would suspect. Once we arrived downtown our eyes just twinkled at every sight, you give so much to see here. On top of that, you were absolutely delicious. Whether it be the cappuccino, free snow cone, or the quarter pound BBQ chicken, brisket, and ribs with a side of creamy cole slaw and chunky potato salad, you took care of us. Zilker park was just the cherry on top of a wonderful day.

You continued to be great when we arrived in tourist filled San Antonio. We made sure not to miss any of your popular spots there. The Riverwalk, the Alamo, el Mercado, and the historic Pearl are all must sees, we agree. And you gave us a chance to meet our nicest Boondocking host so far, give it up for Gary. You also allowed us to have a wonderful chat with his other guests, Randy, Catherine, Benjamin and Lucinda, it was truly a pleasure.

Now Texas, for the next few days I want to thank you especially. You just absolutely spoiled us at the Amistad National Recreation Area, where you kindly kept a spot open for us for all three nights. You showed your beauty with the most mesmerizing sunset on the first night, you let us cook our dinners outside in our bathing suits, jump in your cool, but morbidly named Devil's lake, you showed us that it's okay not to shower for four days straight, and you let us read, relax, and just simply swing back and forth in our hammock all day.

Even though you decided to have everything closed by the time we arrived in Marfa, it was totally okay, because you allowed us to overnight park for free and dream about the Marfa lights we could have seen. Plus, the RV and trailer eye-candy at El Cosmico, was worth the layover. If we could give you one tip however, it would be to not let as many rabbits die on the street leading up to Marfa. The sight of what must have been hundreds of victims was not one of your finest.

The quiet and calm drive through your wonderful desert was much needed. The cotton candy sky at sunrise was so sweet. You truly give a sense of freedom here, with the views that carry on for miles and miles, only to be broken up by the faraway mountains or the horizon itself. And the Prada store on the way, sure was a nice touch.

You put us up to the test when allowing us to hike your highest peak in the Guadalupe Mountains. We thought you were bluffing with your estimate of 6 to 8 hours, but we soon realized we had a strenuous path ahead. As suspected, your summit was pure magic. Something one wouldn't be able to believe without having been there. You took our breaths away and showed us all your glory.

So, thank you Texas, for the wonderful one and a half weeks you let us roam. You have not seen the last of us. But for now, we must continue on to explore your little sister, New Mexico.



San Antonio

Amistad National Recreation Area


Chihuahuan Desert

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

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