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006 - demo day

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

As mentioned before, we do want to get our hands dirty a little bit.

Henry Ford is nearly perfect, however, we would like to make him our own and a little more efficient. So, we are taking on the challenge of a few minor renovations.

On our to do list are the following:

  • change the carpet to vinyl flooring for easier cleaning (& frankly, 23 year old carpet in a motorhome is not pretty)

  • remove the plastic back-splash in the kitchenette

  • exchange the shower head for a water conserving one and change all light bulbs to LED

  • build out the cabinet where the microwave used to be

  • repaint the stripes outside in our own colors

  • repaint the entire inside to sparkling white (after removing a few wall hung things this became an important step for us)

  • and add a few of our own decorative touches of course

First thing's first,

demo day.

Surprisingly, this was quite fun.

Before anything else, we took out (and donated) the things we could easily remove: things like the throw rug, hooks, curtains, etc. Then we took on the objects that had to be unscrewed: paper towel holder, more hooks, curtain boards, etc.

Next we took out the microwave: we did not own one for the past five years, so we do not need one now. And we always appreciate the extra storage.

Last step: the carpet and back-splash.

We were surprised again here. This was not as hard as we thought. It turned out that the carpet was only attached at the edges where the furniture was laying on it. The rest, to our luck, was completely unglued. Though it was tedious work to cut the edges free, we were able to remove the entire carpet (except for the part in the driver's cab, we are leaving that part in) in one afternoon. And the best part: the sub-floor looks great. No wood rot, no major surprises.

The back-splash luckily, was also just stuck on in 10 inch peel and stick tiles, so once the edges were lifted, each tile came off easily.

All in all, we are quite happy with the result, Henry Ford already looks so much different.

[The only disaster that day was the nail I stepped in with my fake Adidas slides, OUCH! Note to self and others: ALWAYS wear good shoes for reno projects, when things do go wrong: scream as loud as you can so that your knight in shining armor can rescue you and pull out the nail in your foot.]

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