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003 - the search | part one

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

When we first started dreaming about this adventure, we went through all the possibilities of a home on wheels.

Our pro and con lists for multiple options started growing, including for the following: [our inspo's are linked]

an old schoolbus that we could convert (or some other sort of vehicle that once had a different purpose), a vintage airstream, a van that we could build out ourselves, a campervan (class B), a class C motorhome, or a travel trailer that needed a towing vehicle.

We did a lot of research on each, learned a lot, and eventually started narrowing our options down. After seeing lots of inspirational vlogs from others, the skoolie conversion turned into a favorite. We loved the idea, the blank canvas, and the community it brought with it. After some time however, we started realizing that it wasn't quite fitting for what WE had in mind, due to the amount of time and money that we would have to invest into the conversion itself. We wanted after all, to spend our time and money on the road, not into a project.

After spending two weeks in an old orange VW bus traveling through Ireland last summer (as a sort of test run), we had a better idea of what we wanted our home to include and what we would feel comfortable with.

[see the next blog post for the full list]

With some more research, a clearer budget, and a list of the things we wanted and of the things we did not need, we came to the conclusion that a used (and a little older) campervan or motorhome (class B or C) was the right match for us. Due to the good price tag an older used model comes with, it would allow us to still do a few smaller renovations and really make it our own.

So this is where our actual search began.

First we were limited to what we found online, keeping in mind that we were still in Switzerland at this time. For us it was important that we could physically go and see the motorhome first, so most of the options we liked were off the market before we had the chance.

Once we arrived in Florida mid January '18, we thought the local dealerships would give us some options as well. Unfortunately, we quickly learned that these only had newer models with a much much higher price tag. The chance that we would find one this way was slim. So we turned our focus back on craigslist and Facebook marketplace.

And before we knew it, we found our first couple of realistic options.

After test driving a German imported 1984 Mitsubishi with 160'000 kilometers and no spare parts in the country, no AC, and no shower, and a 1987 Dodge Ram that was used for running errands around St. Petersburg and neglected for its actual purpose, our heads started spinning.

We needed to make some compromises no matter the model. But what compromises did we, or could we make?

Stay tuned...

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