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002 - intro

Saturday, January 13th 2018, somewhere above the clouds between Barcelona and Fort Lauderdale. Weather: no turbulence.

We are slowing down.

But what are we actually doing?

Mattia and I decided to slow down by taking a break from our everyday life. We chose to take a break and focus more on what is happening in the Now. This break comes in the form of a year plus/minus off from work, from our everyday routine, by taking on the adventure of traveling the US in a campervan.

If you have read our about me's, you know by now that we really enjoy traveling and experiencing new things. Which is one reason why our break comes in this shape. However, we were inspired to go on this journey by many aspects. We were inspired by like-minded people, by similar adventures we were lucky to stumble upon, by books we read, by stories we heard, and by researching ideas and projects.

Our plan looks something like this:

We are currently on an airplane on the way to Florida. There we have the privilege to stay with my parents for a while, while we search for our perfect house on wheels. Ideally this house will come in the shape of a compact campervan with all the necessities and an affordable price tag. Step two will be too 'spruce' it up a little. We would like to make it our own and feel as comfortable as possible in our little home. Once we accomplish this, we hit the road. With no certain route or timeline, we head northwest to hopefully one day reach as far as Alaska.

The whole idea remaining, to be as present as possible. To take one day at a time. And to enjoy the journey as much as our destinations.

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