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001 - pilot

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

A few days in December 2017, a few days in January 2018, Aesch, BL. Weather: inconsistent. My process to get here was a journey in itself. We all would like to think that we can be rather spontaneous and make decisions, like the one I am about to tell you about, from one source of inspiration. In reality I think it is much different than that. It took me about a year and a half, or even longer if I think back on my emotions, to get to the point I am at right now: To the point of being unemployed, sitting in the guest bedroom of my parents' apartment, with all my dearest belongings in my close proximity, including my very supportive, also unemployed, boyfriend of two years (and best friend of about ten). In some eyes, this might look like the low point of a twenty-eight year old's life; however I can say it’s probably my highest so far. I am absolutely ecstatic to be here. Mattia and I took on this path because life was moving forward, very very fast. Too fast. Living in the moment and actually taking it all in and enjoying it was getting rather hard. We were following a routine, following a given direction that was normal. After targeting our uncertainty and unhappiness at times, we started questioning this normality and the direction we were headed towards. Are we enjoying ourselves? Is this fulfilling us? Are we living in the moment? Appreciating the Now? Are these the jobs, this routine, what we want for the next ten years? As twenty-eight year old's, where do we see ourselves in ten years? In twenty years? What are our next steps? Getting engaged? Adopting a dog? Marriage? Having children? Purchasing a house? Where do we actually see ourselves taking these steps? When? Are we just doing what we know, what we are taught, what is normal? Are we missing something? Have we settled already? Some answers we were able to answer quite easily. Others, we had no answer for. At least not yet. We decided to focus on the answers we did have, rather than finding or forcing the ones we did not. Because the answers we had were crystal-clear and they all pointed in the same direction. We needed to slow down. So here we are: Unemployed, flight tickets booked, suitcases ready, visa approved. Our direction: northwestbound.

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