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We, Catherine + Mattia, quit our jobs and lease to roadtrip North America. We bought a motorhome and named him Henry Ford. We are northwestbound (at least until we head back south). We document our journey here, through writing, on Instagram through photos, and sometimes even YouTube through videos. You can find out more about us in our ABOUT section and if you're curious how we got here, our first blog posts will tell you. We hope you enjoy our content and of course, we love hearing from you.  


"With no certain route or timeline, we head northwest to hopefully one day reach as far as Alaska. The whole idea remaining, to be as present as possible.

To take one day at a time. And to enjoy the journey as much as our destinations."


Florida > Georgia > Alabama > Mississippi > Louisiana > Texas > New Mexico > Arizona > Utah > Colorado > Wyoming > Montana > Alberta >

British Columbia > Yukon > Alaska > Yukon > British Columbia > Washington > Oregon > California > Arizona > Texas > Oklahoma > Arkansas > Tennessee > Mississippi > Alabama > and back to Florida

2 people, 22 states/provinces, 202 days, 22'000 miles



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